How to Succeed in Life!
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Surviving your comfort level!

Except for coerced behavior, such as marching with a full pack in army training, virtually everything that a person does is to relieve stress and find comfort. This is why we eat, sleep, and even go to work to relieve our economic stress. A person quits the effort as soon as they are comfortable. Consider two men of equal age and resources. They work at similar jobs and the get home from work at the same time. One seeks the comfort of casual clothes, a drink, and television. The other man heads off to evening classes at the local community college. Each does what relieves them of stress. They are at their highest comfort level. The second man is uncomfortable to be in his status and condition and he is most comfortable when he is working his way out of his distress.

In 1948 I worked in a steel mill in electrical maintenance. This particular mill was the first on to make coiled steel wide enough to make the top of an automobile in one piece. The mill had an operator who was responsible to control the speeds of each unit.

One day I talked to the operator who said that he took the job to earn enough money to pay for college. He became comfortable and stayed there until he retired. He had found his comfort level.

Success requires the ability to make yourself uncomfortable by taking a long view of who you are and what you want to be. A person has to have a dream, a passion, a purpose great enough to drive him through the soft and comfortable spots.

Success requires a strategy that is based on a ‘mission statement’. If you don’t know where you are heading, how can you possibly know which direction to go or when you arrive? Nobody can be exactly specific but you must have general objective and take it as far as you can go. This starts with a good understanding of who you are.

Written by guest author, Bob Davis!


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