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NOTE: Race is a very controversial subject but it is so very important regarding succeeding in life that I can’t ignore it. I have tried very hard to be as neutral and unprejudiced as I can, but I know that, even so, there are those who will call me racist, I believe, largely because of their prejudice and not mine.

All Americans have come from another country. This includes the ‘Native Americans’ who originally came from Asia. There are three major racial groups in this country that suffer because they do not apply some basic truths that relate to everyone. I do not present racial arguments in this book, as the purpose of this writing is to help people to find a path to success in spite of their circumstances.

Every race has its perception of racial prejudice and inequality. With this objective in mind, I offer the following observation; if you as an individual are experiencing racial prejudice or other inequities that limit your ability to succeed in life, the most practical approach that you can take is to work with the realities of your circumstances and not fight against the system as it is expressed to you. ‘Justice’ as you define it, may not be available to you in your lifetime. It has existed for over 250 years in our society without any signs of good resolution any time soon.

The predominant races in our country are Caucasians from Europe, Indigenous natives (American Indians) and black and brown people from Africa. To that we add Hispanics, Asians and others. Each racial division has their cultural attributes. Those from the temperate zones and colder regions have developed a culture and work ethic that compels them to provide for food and shelter for the cold months if they are to survive.

The more moderate their climate, the less important such provision becomes until those who live in the equatorial zone can easily grow crops all year long without the ‘work ethic’ required for survival in Europe. This attitude and practice is very pervasive and can lead to unreasonable expectations when such people moved to moderate climates and bring their culture with them instead od adopting the culture necessary to survive in their new location.

I am amazed by the cultural attitude of some Asian people. I have a Chinese correspondent in Malaysia who has a daughter who came to The United States to get a college education. She finished a four-year course in a difficult subject in two and a half years. Asian college students in the US have a disdain for those students who consider college to be an opportunity for social expression instead of education.

My friend told me about how the Chinese are the engine that drives Malaysian industry and commerce and the indigenous native government severely taxes the Chinese to the benefit of the underdeveloped native population. The government additionally requires the Chinese to provide 20 % of their goods and services for free to the natives. We have the same kind of pressure to provide for those in our society who are lesser endowed in attitude and practice.

We also have those who believe that the academic challenges of college should be reduced so this important ‘certificate’ is more easily acquired by the less able. A huge social problem arises when the members of one race translate their values and behavior to other races. This results in charges of ‘racial prejudice’ and the exponents of this attitude are able to find examples that ‘prove’ their allegations.  We know that examples can be found to ‘prove’ anything. Because of this problem, our society has developed the theory and practice of ‘political correctness’ which makes it antisocial to state the obvious.

As an engineering student, one of the first precepts that I was taught was this: If you are to solve a problem, you must first start with an accurate description of what is the problem. If an accurate statement is socially unacceptable, society is doomed to never resolve it, to the detriment to all people involved. With this in mind, please consider that many racially identified people are successful because they didn’t fight the system, but they used it instead. How can you successfully approach this problem?

First, you must realize that the only solution lies in your own hands. Second, you must realize a basic premise of this book: nobody owes you anything that you do not also owe them. Third, you must really understand who you are and as a result, you may understand who other people are, enabling yourself to succeed. This can be especially difficult for those who have heard contrary teaching all of their life. Please read the first section of this book that develops the understanding of the particulars according to your life as they are compared to the basic truths that apply to everybody, regardless of race, gender, or upbringing.

Our attitude can inspire and propel us towards success or it can severely depress our chances of success, especially when we believe that our success depends on someone besides ourselves – because they owe us something. Again, success starts when you absolutely know the often repeated expression in this book; ‘in a social sense, nobody owes you anything that you do not also owe them’.

This is an absolute truth that applies to all people everywhere.  Any deviation from this truth places your future in the hands of others who are too busy fighting their own battles to be concerned about your problems. This is clearly demonstrated in our society when people of all races achieve wonderful success when they rely on their own resources. Lack of a formal education is not the problem.

Many of the richest men in our country are those who do not have a college degree but forged ahead with what they had. Please don’t underestimate the importance of attitude and don’t fall for the lines of reasoning offered by those whose business is served by promoting racial strife in the name of ‘justice’.

Written by guest author, Bob Davis!


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