How to Succeed in Life!
How to eliminate the obstacles on your path to success!
Surviving moralizing!

The subject of this book is “surviving” the situations of life in such a way as to maximize our opportunities and probabilities for success. As often repeated in this book; it is other people that grant to you the attributes of success. The more people find you to be acceptable to them, the greater are your chances for success. Virtually everyone regards moral behavior to be important in considering the value of prospects for employment and advancement.

We sometimes find ourselves in situations such as our employment when we must work with people who are dishonest or otherwise morally offensive to us.

I once worked in a large corporation whose management used company property for their own personal use. I was asked by a vice president to service an electric generator before he took it to his private cottage. Not only was I to support his effort but I was required to also steal the time form another customers account, as all of our working time was charged to clients.

I could have moralized and preached and gotten into trouble. In this case, I left and took another job. Sometimes, such as serving in the military or agency, you may find it inconvenient or impossible to leave your employment. How should you handle the situation?

If you are ‘stuck’ in the relationship for a specific period; If you have an agreement of employment for a specific time, It will nearly always be to your advantage to ‘ride it out’ and say nothing, as any complaining you do may go on your employment history record. You may be sure that such record will defend the employer against your charges. It may be to your advantage to remain quiet and ‘roll with the punches’ until the time of your commitment ends.