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This is a delicate and very controversial subject to discuss as there are very wide and varying opinions on this subject. We have at least two very different medical treatment systems in the world. One is conventional medicine that we all know about and the other system is ’everything else’ that people do to treat disease and symptoms of disease. The second system is called ‘alternative medicine’. If I were to guess, I would say that by far, the most reliable system is conventional medicine. You may logically ask why would I have would any doubt about that. I mean - how can you not fully support the excellent science that has given to us the wonderful miracles of modern medicine, such as antibiotics and CT scans?

This is what this chapter is about, so if you are not familiar with this subject, you may be surprised, so hang on to your hat!

First of all, I do not want to discredit the marvelous work that has been done, especially during the past 100 years or so. If we go back just a few years more into the late 1800’s, (when my grandparents were raising their families), we find that Louis Pasteur has discovered that germs cause disease. It is astounding that so much medical science has been developed in this very short span of time in the history of man. How can there be any doubt of the authority of ‘medical discovery’?

Medical ‘discovery’ is exactly the point. We say such things as; I hope that ‘they’ discover a cure for cancer soon. This very proposition indicates that ‘they’, (the scientific community), doesn’t know it all’. In all the mix of folk medicine, metaphysics, etc. there are a few treatments that actually work. In some cases we think that we understand why they work. In other cases, we don’t. Still, if ‘it works’ and ‘science’ is not serving your needs, is there any valid reason why you should not try a simple and harmless change in your lifestyle such as changing in your diet?

The ‘reason’ above is the proprietary attitude of conventional science. I have been confronted by those who declare that conventional medicine is the only legitimate treatment and that ‘alternative’ treatments are quackery. Studies have shown that, in fact, there is very little ‘quackery’ in alternative medical practice.

Now we come to the ‘survival’ part of this chapter. You may wonder where I am coming from with my attitude. I am retired from working in ‘science’ in research labs for many years. I was thoroughly indoctrinated in ‘the scientific method’. Then, at the time of my 75th birthday in 1996, I was diagnosed with a severe cancer that would not respond to conventional treatments and I was sent home to die. I know that the following will sound incredible to many people, but taking a simple herb eliminated the cancer in just 10 days! (I told you that you wouldn’t believe it, didn’t I?) I have had ‘scientific’ people dance all around this proposition with such suggestions as; I was misdiagnosed, spontaneous remission happens sometimes, the heavy chemotherapy that I received finally worked; I am not telling the truth, etc.

I decided to research the whole spectrum of alternative medical treatments for cancer. Y’know what? I found that in the middle of all the mumbo-jumbo, there was a core of truth that has been delivering people from cancer for over 100 years. Since that time, I have helped even ‘terminal’ (two months to live) cancer patients to experience full remission, some of them for many years. Just a week ago I met a man who came up to me, introduced himself, and thanked me for saving his life.

You may ask, why do doctors not know this or practice it. The simple truth is that they don’t know because they are not taught and, as my oncologist told me, if he did practice these things he would loose his license to practice medicine and go to jail.

The ‘bottom line’ is simply this: If you are fighting a disease and ‘science’ is not providing the relief that you need, seek out reasonable alternatives. There are extremes that must be avoided, such as drinking your own urine as a medical treatment (really). You will not likely have support from your doctor, even though I have had doctors call me for advice.

There are alternative medicine clinics which tend to be very expensive. Your best friend may be an Herbalist or a Naturopath who really wants to help people get well and operate from their home. I know that clinics are expensive to operate and they have to collect enough to pay their expenses or they wouldn’t be able to help anybody. I am not criticizing their charges, but I find that many effective treatments cost very little as a do-it-yourself project. In my case, the total cost was about $20.

With many degenerative diseases, alternative medicine can deliver when ‘science’ can’t. They just haven’t gotten there yet. They have been at it only for 200 years or so. Alternative medicine goes back for millennia.