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Surviving the government!

This chapter is not on ‘how to operate a business’ but to offer suggestions regarding what a person may be able to do to change or work with government regulations and restrictions.

In some government situations, you can’t ‘survive’ if your survival means to be free of restrictive regulations and you pay as taxes much of the money that you earn. In such a condition, you may be forced to seek another place to live and work. During a recent hospital visit, I talked to a woman physician who had been a medical doctor in Russia. I asked her if she missed her native country. She smiled and asked;

“What do you think?”

I have a friend who successfully practiced alternative medicine and saved the lives of many ‘terminal’ cancer patients. He was forced to close his clinic by ‘the government’ so he moved to Costa Rica where he now practices.

Note: I am particularly prejudiced in support of alternative medical treatments as I reveal in the chapter - ‘Surviving cancer’. I describe how I was sent home to die after conventional medicine had nothing more to offer. That was about 18 years ago and ‘I am still kicking.’

Sometimes, difficult problems have drastic solutions. We remember the ‘conscientious objectors’ who went to Canada in order to escape the military draft. Currently, we have many who sacrifice family and professional advancement as they gladly serve in our armed forces with honor, pride and the support of a grateful nation. I am a veteran of WW2, so you can likely guess where I stand on this issue.

One way that we can ‘survive’ government is to change government by actively promoting the values that we seek. If you are not willing to do anything about the problem, maybe you shouldn’t complain. I know that many people are not disposed to working in politics, but if you are, maybe that is what you should do. I know of a case where just one person actually changed the regulations that burdened them in doing a certain kind of business. They wrote a letter to the appropriate authority and explained their problem and solution. After a hearing, the request was found to be reasonable and the regulations were changed.

Businesses can survive by taking advantage of whatever ‘loopholes’ they can find regarding restrictive government regulations. For instance, if you have a ‘polluting’ business that discharges into the air or water, you may be able to buy ‘credits’ from those who do not pollute.

I am not trying to tell anyone ‘how’ to run a business. The purpose of this chapter is to point out some kinds of problems that relate to government can be changed if people are willing to get involved enough to bring the changes about.

A current ‘popular’ threat is the collapse of our national economy. People’s attitudes are ‘all over’ on this subject. I have good friends who say that this is just another ‘bump it the road’ and we will get through it, because we always have.

I know others who are actively preparing with secret storage rooms, etc. Personally, I doubt that, at 93, I will live long enough to see such a thing happen in my lifetime so I have no particular concerns for myself.

If you have any such concerns, learn from history and prepare accordingly. In Germany before WW2 a man sold a farm for a certain amount of money. Later, he spent that amount to buy a sweater. In such a collapse, money is almost useless. If you really have such active concerns, it would be wise to buy as many pairs of shoes as you think you will ever need. Also buy durable clothes, jackets, and other durable items. Convert your cash to durable goods for use as barter because run-away inflation could make your money worthless.

I remember in 1935 or so, the standard price for a good pair of men’s shoes was $3.75 and men’s dress shirts could be had for a little over a dollar. We have already experienced great inflation, but our wages have mostly kept up with it

Remember the lesson of Stalingrad in the winter of 1942 and 1943 when many thousands of people died of starvation. Read the chapter on ‘surviving a national emergency’ for ideas about storing food.

Most people’s concept of history is concentrated in their own experience. They have heard of past events but they are not ‘real’ to them. They say, ‘It can’t happen here.’ Again, this attitude comes from not knowing who you are, a major theme of this book. Read the chapter on ‘surviving self’

We find that of the 100,000,000 people that have inhabited the Earth, only 5% lived in a free society and 3% of them are living today. It is not ‘normal’ for men to live in freedom. I am not a sociologist or statistician, but I think that I see the potential for all free governments to fall and be replaced by an oppressive form of government. How fast can such an event happen and without warning? In today’s world of high technology and our utter dependence on electronics to keep us safe and organized, it wouldn’t take very long for a cyber-attack to destroy our system, would it?

Written by guest author, Bob Davis!


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