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SAFFRON  Tom and I were fascinated with this tiny herb. The thin, red and yellow, thread-like strands in a little plastic container cost $4.00. Not knowing anything about saffron, we added some to our dish, turning it a brilliant yellow color. It did nothing to change the flavor but we suspect our saffron was stale. Quality saffron is the most expensive of all spice, equal to gold. It requires the painstaking task of hand picking stamens from 70,000 flowers to obtain one pound, which explains its high cost. Saffron is in the crocus family which is native to Asia and Mediterranean countries. Fresh saffron, we are told, has a spicy aromatic yet slightly bitter taste. Very little is needed to color and flavor your dish. It is a common spice used in Spanish dishes, especially rice. Saffron promotes perspiration when taken in a tea.

There are endless varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds. On top of all these wonderful foods, God has supplied herbs and spices, tools to allow us to express creativity, aroma and flavor.

The quiet gentle flavor of chamomile, or the blaring overpowering shouts of cayenne. The sweetness of cinnamon and bitterness of hops. The sharp bite of horseradish and refreshing lift of mint. None of these flavors are by accident. Each one was carefully thought out and purposely created for our blessing and enjoyment.

We would like to take you on a journey through the flavors and uses of spices and herbs. Many have been used for thousands of years for medicines to relieve suffering and contribute to healing.

Herbs are plants with a fragrant bouquet that may consist of leaves, stems, flowers, seeds or roots that are used in flavoring dishes or as medicines. Preferably they are used fresh, but are also effective dried.

Spices are dried, aromatic plants associated with tropical climates that may include seeds, flowers, leaves, roots or bark. They may be used in preserving food, assisting in digestion, providing flavor or as medications.

Herbs are generally milder in flavor and used for delicate seasoning, whereas spices are strong and distinct, adding a piquant taste. The words herb and spice can be used interchangeably according to culture or tradition.

Spice trading has a great history. Joseph was sold to a spice trader from Gilead for 20 pieces of silver. The Queen of Sheba presented precious stones and spices to King Solomon. Spices were often valued more greatly than gold. Nations fought wars over the occupation and control of spice territories. Political power shifted according to their availability.

Growing your own herbs and spices indoors is a wonderful hobby. Not only do indoor plants act as air cleaners, but they also provide a continuous fresh supply of seasonings for culinary art. These plants can be grown in pots, which can be placed in the window sills of the kitchen. Mint, parsley, chives, and dill are some examples of herbs that can be easily grown indoors. When the warmer weather comes, they can be transplanted outdoors providing you with a bountiful harvest that can be dried or stored in the freezer.

When drying herbs in the oven, the temperature should not exceed 90ºF, allowing their color and flavor to remain intact. Spread the herbs on trays, keeping the door ajar. Once the herbs have been fully dried, it is best to keep them in an airtight glass container stored in a cupboard. Light will destroy the herb’s color and distinct flavor.

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Why do people experience incredible weight loss on a juice fast?

Before that question can be answered, we have to understand what ‘juice fasting’ is about.

Juice fasting is about abstaining from solid food, for a period of time, while supplying your body with the most nutritious drinks on this planet. By providing essential vitamins and minerals, the juice can actually jump-start the body’s fat-burning mechanisms. One glass of freshly-made fruit or vegetable juice provides you with the equivalent vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll you would get by eating several pounds of raw fruits and vegetables.

Most of us have heard how thousands are losing up to 10 pounds in 2 days on the best-selling Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet in which you simply juice fast on bottled (dead) juice for 2 days. Well, juice fasting is a healthier version of the Hollywood Diet because you can fast longer than 2 days while supplying your body with live enzymes and nutrient-rich fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Dr. Shelton, a great advocate of fasting, wrote "The weight lost by overweight patients in the early days of a fast is astounding. I have seen losses of five and six pounds a day for the first few days. A woman who fasted in the Health School in January and February of 1950 lost twenty-five pounds in the first two weeks.

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