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Healthy Recipes for the Entire Family

The Wonderful World of Herbs and Spices


Homemade Beauty Recipes
Honey facial masks, hair conditioners, natural shampoos, avocado facials, and more.

Creamy Avocado Recipes
Our family's favorite avocado recipe and more.

Hearty Bean Recipes 
Satisfying vegetarian bean recipes.

Healthy Nut Cake Recipe 
A nut cake that is nutritious and yummy.

Different Ways to Cook Vegetables 
Cook your vegetables the healthy way.

Learn how to make your own healthy drinks recipes! 
Make creamy smoothies and shakes, mouth-watering fruit drinks and wholesome fresh vegetable juices! Move over canned V8!

Healthy Egg Recipes 
Bored of eggs?  Try these egg recipes.

Flax Seed Recipes: So good for you!  
Flax seeds are full of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Here are three yummy ways to eat them.

Homemade Fruit Juice Recipes 
Fruity, fruity, fruity!  Nothing beats the fresh, invigorating flavor of homemade fruit juice!

Healthy Fruit Recipes 
Turn ordinary fruit into succulent delights.

More Fruit Salad Recipes for your Health

Luscious Fruit Shake Recipes 
Start your day with a fruity shake!

Healthy Fruit Sorbet Recipes 
Icy and so thirst-quenching!

Heavenly Fruit Protein Smoothies 
Energize your day with one of these fruity protein smoothie recipes!

Gazpacho Recipes 
Vitamin and enzyme-rich cold soups made in a flash!  All you need is a blender.

Grain Recipes

Free Juicer Recipes 
Free juicer recipes taken from the downloadable Juicer Recipe Cookbook

Family Favorite Bran Muffin Recipe 
Our family's favorite fiber-rich muffin recipe! The muffins are moist and satisfying.

Family Favorite Pancake Recipe 
Here's a recipe that my kids love!  Top the pancakes with real maple syrup and your family won't know it's good for them! 

Healthy Potato Recipes 
Love potatoes?  Here are healthy potato recipes that are actually GOOD for you!

Healthy Protein Mixtures 
Great tofu recipes.

Healthy Pudding Recipes 
Creamy and delicious.

Tasty Healthy Rice Recipes 
Guilt free rice recipes.

Healthy Salad Dressings 
Transform ordinary lettuce.

Sandwich Recipes 

Crunchy and Healthy Salad Recipes 
Say goodbye to boring salads!

Seeds and Nuts Recipes 
Filling and satisfying.

Squares Recipes 
Healthy desserts!

Spicy Salad Dressings 
Dressings with a bite!

Healthy Stir Fry Recipes 
Tastier than boiled vegetables!

Vegetable Recipes 
No more boring vegetable dishes!

Vegetable Soups 
Hearty soups to warm the tummy!

Vegetarian Bean Recipes 

Vermont Maple Syrup 
Yummy Vermont Maple Syrup recipes.

How To Make Your Own Pet Food Recipes 

Homemade Hair Recipes For All Hair Types 

Healthy Weight Watcher Recipes

Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes - Fruit Recipes 
Strawberry pie, Fruit salad with shrimp ...

Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes - Grain Recipes 
Baked French toast, Egg salad supreme ...

Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes - Protein Recipes 
Chicken piccatta, Meatballs ...

Healthy Weight Watchers Recipes - Vegetable Recipes 
Sweet potatoes, broccoli salad ...


Be sure you have your printer cartridges and ink ready to print these healthy recipes.


Allspice! A flavor so warm and inviting! 
Although the name 'allspice' seems to suggest a blend of spices, and that really isn't the case.

Arrowroot Powder Is A Thickening Agent 
Arrowroot is rather different from most conventional spices, as its main use in cooking is as a thickening agent.

Sweet Basil Tastes As Good As It Smells 
It has soothing properties associated with the mint family to which it belongs, and is be used in herbal concoctions offering relief for nervous headaches and digestive complaints.

Aromatic Bay Leaf Use 
It's one of the oldest known herbs in Europe.

Bragg's All Purpose Seasoning
Braggs (similar to soy sauce) is not fermented or heated and is easily digestible. In this secret process soybeans are converted into a liquid vegetable protein.

Caraway Seeds! Add to your favorite rye bread recipe! 


It grows rather like a common weed on roadsides and limestone hills.

Hot Chili Peppers 
There is not much in the way of subtlety when considering the influence of chili on the flavor of food; it is out-and-out hot.

Garlic Chives Are Part Of The Onion Family



Coriander Seeds and Leaf in Cooking 
After ripening the small, round coriander seeds take on a scent and flavor that is lemony, with a hint of sage.

The Comfrey Plant and Roots 
Comfrey is a veritable medicine cabinet, an herb whose amazing healing powers have been known and appreciated for centuries.

Cumin Seeds and Spice
Cumin has a history over 5000 years old.

Dill Weed Gives the Dill Pickle Its Famous Taste 

Fennel Seeds in Cooking and Health 
It has a sweet and aromatic taste, similar to anise and licorice.

The Health Benefits of Eating Garlic Bulbs 
During the course of history, garlic has been touted as a cure for everything from the common cold to the plague.

Ginger Root and Spice 
The ginger roots are of immense culinary and health value, whether used fresh or ground to a powdered spice.

Herb Spice Blends 

Herbs and Spices Guide For Cooking 
Herbs and spices are the perfect partner to fruits and vegetables for bringing out flavor.  Many have medicinal qualities.




Lemon Balm 


The Herb Marjoram Has Healing Properties 
Marjoram's healing properties include fighting asthma, headaches and soothing the stomach and digestive tract.



The Nutmeg Spice Helps Relieve Nausea   
Nutmeg in fact has a "brother" spice by the name of mace, which is derived from the reddish, woven, lace-like covering that surrounds the seed kernel.

Poppy Seeds 

The Rosemary Herb Is Believed To Enhance Memory 
Modern research shows that rosemary contains substances that prevent the break down of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Saffron Spice For Liver and Kidney Disorders? 
In folk medicine, saffron has been attributed with various kinds of healing effects.

The Sage Herb Goes Well With Fat-Rich Dishes 
Since early history, sage has been renowned for its healing abilities.

Tarragon Herb! Highly Esteemed By The French! 
Tarragon is highly esteemed by the French who call it the "King of Herbs."

Rosemary and Thyme! Great With Chicken! 
Since time immemorial, thyme has been associated with rites of faith and mythical folklore



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Healthy Negative Calorie Food Recipes

In 1935, Dr. Lindlahr broadcasted his reducing diet on the radio and 26,000 listeners participated.

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  Healthy Juice/Blender Juice Recipes

Fruit and vegetable juices are the builders and cleansers of the human body. Fresh, raw fruit juices and vegetable juices supply the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals necessary for health and vitality!

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  Lower-Carb Weight Loss Recipes

Lower-carb recipes work by reducing the body's insulin response. Starchy sugary foods increase your insulin response whereas lower carbohydrate foods reducethis response. This helps your body to burn stored body fat.

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