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The Story of Grandma Through Hardtimes!


CHAPTER 4 continued ...

Mom has a hard time

Mariette was getting older and could help Mom take care of the younger ones. The pressure was very hard on Mom when Dad was gone so long to the lumber camp during the winter.

She had a very strong will, but many times she cried. The boys fed the cows, the horses and the chickens, then watered the animals with pails of water from the creek. When the weather permitted, they brought the animals to the creek to water them. Every day, they cut holes in the ice with an axe because the holes froze over during the night. They were so happy when Dad came home.

The children got lambs

One spring day, when Dad returned from the lumbercamp, he brought home two little lambs. One of the neighbours didn’t want to take care of them and the mother lamb had died giving birth. These helpless little things needed a surrogate mom.
.... The story will continue in a week!

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