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Welcome to my home! This is my cozy kitchen; please have a seat as we will be here for quite a while. I have some coffee, or would you prefer tea? As you can see, we are not ‘rich’ as the world considers ‘rich’ to be, but we are very comfortable and very happy.
Now, I am a grandmother! That makes me older than some, I know, but I am young in spirit and I am very content. I would like to take you back in time to my childhood and a little before that as well as my brothers and sisters supplied additional information. Are you ready? Here we go!
My parents were born over 100 years ago ...

... into a French Canadian society and culture that we are not likely to understand today. It was the obligation of every Catholic marriage to produce as many children as possible. My parents were bound by this obligation and they did their best to comply. They were married in 1921. I am number 15 of 16 children. This is the story of how we survived and lived. You may even say that we ‘flourished’ because of the diligence and hard work of my parents, and their children, as we struggled to sustain ourselves against the circumstances of the time. We were able to produce almost everything that we truly needed.

In those days, the most likely path to success, for ordinary people, was to have a family farm. My father farmed 100 acres which included cows, pigs, and chickens for milk, meat, and eggs. They also grew their own feed and table produce. My father worked from dawn to dusk every day on the farm, and my mother did ‘everything else’. She always had rough and red hands as she laboured through all of the endless household chores. As children came along, they were drafted into the ‘system’, each having their own responsibility in order for us to survive.

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