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How Juice Fasting Helps You To Lose Weight

Staying on a diet

Trying to stay on a diet can turn a simple journey to the supermarket into an epic challenge of self-discipline. How can you ignore all the florescent-lit aisles of junk food offering every temptation known to the tongue when you are hungry depressed and feeling deprived? It becomes a war of desires where your willingness to surrender is quickly rewarded.

Obsession with weight loss

In a culture that esteems fashion-model thinness as perfect beauty, fat is the ugly disease that must be cured. This creates an obsession with weight-loss that increases the difficulty in losing weight. It is like trying not to think of a white horse. The more you try not to think of it the more it comes back into your thoughts.  

Obsession, slow metabolism and high-calorie food are a deadly combination for weight gain. The worst offenders of weight gain are starches, fats, and refined sugars. Since the biggest part of our diet is starch in the form of breakfast cereal, cookies, cakes, pies, chips and bread, it has the greatest impact on weight gain. Starches are worse than sugar. For a short amount of time, the blood sugar will peak allowing the body to store the excess sugar as body fat. Starch is different in that it is a slow release of sugar, which is perfect for long-distance runners, however, if you are inactive, the slow-releasing sugars will be turned into body fat. Excess calories equate to excess fat. 
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Fat is stored calories for periods of starvation but the only time that occurred in this century was the Great Depression where people worked long hours on small amounts of food. Now we have the opposite. Most people eat too much and with little physical activity. It takes about 30 seconds to eat 150 calories of cookies but an hour of jogging to burn it off. Getting stuffed at an all-you-can-eat buffet can fill the stomach with 4,000 calories. To burn off that many calories would require 27 hours of jogging. Instead, we spend much of the day sitting in front of a computer, TV or driving. The end result is inevitable …weight gain.

Fasting is effective for weight loss

You can see the pounds melt away on a daily basis. You don’t even feel hungry. But, do you lose weight, your health is improved and the skin regains is natural elasticity resulting in a youthful tone and more energy. You can’t get a better weight loss program than that.

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