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Introduction to Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

Juice fasting demands fat cells be used as fuel

Excess fat is nothing more than extra calories stored in the fat cells. The purpose of fat cells is to be fuel for times of famine. For North America, famine does not exist; instead, the North American diet is a continual indulgence of high-calorie foods, eaten in an attempt to fulfill emotional needs. The fat cells get bigger and the body gets pudgier.

Fasting demands the fat cells be used as fuel. As soon as the body needs calories the process or catabolism (tearing down) starts. Each pound of fat has approximately 3,500 calories, which becomes fuel for the body. As each day passes, you get thinner and thinner.  

 Some people have lost over 50 pounds on a juice fast

I have seen people lose over 50 pounds in 30 days without flabby skin. Natural elasticity and skin tone had been restored. Their friends were in shock as the 

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difference was so amazing. And the weight never came back. Exercise and a diet high in raw foods became a lifetime way of eating that kept them thin.


The above juice fasting article was written by Guest Writer, Tom McGregor, author of Eating in Freedom, which you can download into your computer today.

Tom had an overeating disorder and once ate an entire gallon of ice cream in one sitting and almost froze his stomach. He shares his story in this article: My war with food addiction.

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