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The Effects of Fasting on the Brain

We are a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual whole. Each realm influences and is dependent upon the others. It is no surprise, then, to realize that an effective program that restores physical health would also have great effects on our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual selves.

People routinely have a spiritual experience, an awakening, a deeper spiritual awareness resulting for several days of fasting.

Our intelligence processes are also enhanced. This should not be surprising, because we know that our brain operates on a chemical level, too. It needs to be properly fed and oxygenated. It must be freed of any toxins that have crossed the blood/brain barrier.   

All this has a direct bearing upon how we respond to stimuli with our emotions. We are, after all, a complex whole.

A juice fast lifts the spirit

It is the common experience of those who take a juice fast that their spirits are immediately lifted. They have a clarity of mind, a confidence, brightness and a lightness of spirit that comes when the toxic burden begins to lift. They routinely sleep 'better than they have for years,' awaked refreshed with less time in bed, and have a more optimistic and positive attitude regarding themselves and others. They are much nicer people to 'live with.'

They will also be more ambitious, picking up on tasks that they have long neglected. They will have enthusiasm and confidence that they haven't shown for a long time. They will be more energetic and adventurous, more loving and kind. They will be a much better person as the burden is lifted from their bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

This is not a surprising phenomenon, because we know that the body of truth by which we operate is 90% perception. When our 'perceiving mechanism' is healed, our view of who we are and what we are about in this world, and out perception of other people may be drastically changed.

We feel like standing taller and 'looking the world in the eye,' rather than cowering in misery and defeat.

The burden of illness takes its toll

This can all be brought about because this 'whole person' has carried the burden of the illness for a long time and it has taken its toll. Once you experience this deliverance, you may be encouraged to push further into realizing the benefits of a juice fast for a month or more, and as you realize the price you have paid for your ignorance, you may be inspired to go deeper into the benefits of assuming a healthier lifestyle in other ways besides changing your diet.

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Fasting is beneficial

Fasting has been beneficial in cases of paralysis, neuritis, neuralgia, neuroses and mental illness. Dr. E. A. Moras tells of a woman who fasted for seven days on strained orange juice. She had been mentally ill for eight months and treated by eminent neurologists. Her condition improved to the point of being cured by the fifth week after the fast.

Medical science faces limitations

Medical science faces tremendous limitations when it comes to healing the brain. The complexity of this organ allows only the most basic intervention. Prescription drugs can have dangerous side effects because of the brain’s delicate balance. Fasting may be the most sensible route to healing mental disorders. It is well known that the brain, if given the opportunity, has a capacity of healing. Fasting will intensify the healing. I have seen a mentally deranged person stabilize in three days of juice fasting. SevereJuice Fasting Weight Loss Resource:
headaches have been cured many times Memory and concentration have been permanently improved. Fasting has also healed depression.

Juice Fasting Weight Loss Resource:

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