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The Most Dramatic Location of Contamination is in Our Colon

Our bodies struggle to conform each cell according to the DNA code. Poisons and other contaminants can so clog the process that it becomes very difficult for the body to carry out the process.

This is when we must intervene with understanding and efficiency.

The logical way to proceed is to learn what has caused the polluting process and reverse it. Then we must do those things that assist our bodies to become clean and whole.

Contamination in our colon

The most drastic location of contamination is our colon, so it is the logical and best place to start. The sick colon is often plugged up with matter that doesn't move. It just lies there and putrefies, giving rise to even more toxins to be absorbed into the blood and providing an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria, fungus and parasites. It is no wonder that we are ill.

Stimulating the colon

The first challenge is to get the normal peristaltic movement of the colon to operate again. This is accomplished with an herbal stimulant. Cascara is often the herb of choice for this application. The dosage should be increased until there is a movement for every meal . If you eat three meals, you should have three movements every day. Many people move as seldom as once a week or even less. Most people consider one movement a day as correct.

Actually, you may consider your digestive tract to be a kind of conveyer, processing our meals in a continuous fashion. When this process slows down, putrefaction occurs releasing toxins into our bodies and eventually into our blood stream.

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You can understand the reason behind the statement, "Disease begins in the colon."

Cleaning the colon walls

The next beneficial thing that you can do for your colon after it is up and running again, is to clean its walls by removing fungus, parasites, mucous.

A mixture of bentonite clay and some other beneficial ingredients is taken by mouth. This passes as a soft plug, gently entrapping and removing contaminants.

After the colon is up and running, it is time to flush the kidneys, cleanse the liver and the blood. This process uses a parasite removing treatment called a vermifuge. Other chemical cleansers may also be used. The liver and the lungs are also cleared of parasites.

Juice fasting and the chemicals stored in body fat

Now the rest of the body, primarily body fat, is storing a lot of chemicals. Un-metabolized prescription drugs, industrial chemicals and some beauty and health care products have left their deposits of poisons in our system.

Juice fasting is a powerful process for dealing with this part of the cleansing process.

Now, you will be feeling so much better, stronger, and optimistic that you will feel empowered to deal with other toxic areas of your life, such as toxic relationships.


This article was written by guest writer, Bob Davis, Author of cancer-success.com.

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