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How the Miracle of Juice Fasting Heals the Body!


Irritating substances

Our internal body passages are lined with mucous which is a protective barrier between our sensitive cells and the 'outside' world. Our air passages and our digestive tract are really external to our bodies, making us subject to whatever elements may be present. The consistency and thickness of this coating varies according to the challenge. In normal times, the mucous remains as a thin protective barrier.

In times of distress, such as with a head cold or with the ingestion of irritating foods, additional mucous will be formed as an additional barrier between the body and the irritating substance and also as a vehicle to flush out the irritant from the body. We are aware of this action with a head cold and a productive cough. We may be less aware of this action in our digestive tract.

Swallowed mucus from an abnormal sinus discharge presents a challenge to the digestive tract. The stomach and intestines have a protective layer of mucous which is a barrier against our own digestive juices. Quantities of mucous in our digestive system are dealt with by increasing acid production in an attempt to remove it by digestion. This causes the litany of heartburn, acid reflux, and esophageal corrosion.

Chronic conditions can leave a perpetual build up of mucous which clogs our system, contributing to our depressed health. This acts as a trap for the waste products, such  

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as dead cells that would ordinarily have long passed out of our system.


Juice fasting eliminates certain foods

Juice fasting eliminates the usual mucous forming foods from our diet, such as refined flour, and stimulates the digestive tract to be normally active, further reducing the presence of the irritating substances and the excess mucus that results.

Juice fasting accomplishes the task of removing excess mucous, dead cells, and other entrapped foreign material and also supplies an abundant supply of nutrients which the body, in its renewed energy level, immediately utilizes to heal.

This is a powerful regeneration process, and you have it in your own hands to accomplish. You don't need to go anywhere. You don't need to have this procedure performed upon you. You can accomplish it yourself. This is nothing but good news!


This article was written by Guest Writer, Bob Davis, author of cancer-success.com

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