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How Does a Juice Fast Affect the Immune System?

The effects of a juice diet on the immune system

This is the most exciting story that can be told of the benefits of juice fasting. It is even greater than dramatic weight loss.

Very simply told, the story is this: Cancer does not develop in a healthy person because the NK (Natural Killer) cells that are configured to kill cancer cells and cells infected with a virus, patrol our bodies, examining each cell for the presence of telltale molecules on the cell surface. If these markers are found, the NK cell attaches tentacles to the cell that carry venom sacs. The NK cell then reaches out with another tentacle and searches for a flag that identifies the cell in such a way that it should not be killed.


If this flag is not found, the NK cell perforates the cancer cell with a blast of particles and injects venom into the cell that pulsates in and out until the cell disintegrates. This exciting scenario is enacted 10,000 times every day in the body of a healthy person, so the cancer cells are not allowed to multiply and become a clinical case of cancer.

The NK cells are directed by the pancreas which also manufactures insulin and digestive enzymes that are needed to replace those that have been destroyed by cooking our food. When the pancreas has doubled its size and still can't keep up with the demand, it quits, leaving the NK cells un directed. In this condition, even though you have NK cells in your body, cancer still can take root and grow.
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Juice fasting and enzymes

Juice fasting provides the enzymes needed to jump-start the immune system in as little as three days. Staying on a raw food diet will allow the pancreas to heal, which may take a year to accomplish.

Can you imagine the stark drama of this unseen battle that rages in your body?

Juice fasting followed by a raw food diet is effective in treating other degenerative diseases too, such as arthritis.

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