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The Story of Grandma Through Hardtimes!


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The western world is currently going through a great ‘culture war’ that may forever re-define the elements that have guided our society through the ages. This book is a refreshing and inspiring look into the system that has established our economy and society from the earliest times. As we look back into the real life experiences of a family of 16 children and their mother and father, we see their struggle to live by the tenets of their faith and by their values during the ‘great depression’ of the last century.

They not only survived, I’m sure you will agree that they ’flourished’ as they faced down devastating hardships, privation, and illness – and won! This is a story of patience, dedication, persistence and hard work, but more than that, it is a genuine love story. It is the story of the love of a man and a woman. It is the story of a family for each other. It is the story of love for decency. It is the story of love and obedience to the God of their faith. It tells the story of self-sufficiency and self- respect.

Be impressed and inspired as you watch their story unfold through the eyes of the 15 of 16 children as she recounts the struggle for their very survival and their emergence to be strong and successful individuals as they were carefully nurtured through perilous times with a ‘style and class’ that belies their circumstances. Watch as the parents found strength to continue when others would have been devastated and quit. Watch as children learn the ‘work ethic’ and the relative value of ‘things’. Watch as the family found their gratification in work well done. Watch as they celebrated the seasons and events of their lives with joy. Watch as they found that ‘little’ is ‘enough’ when love is in it.

The Brisson family goes far back beyond record. Thousands of family members are no longer remembered. Their names and their stories are lost forever. We have recorded those that we know about.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure for us to become acquainted with and work with the author as she wrote this book in English, for she is most fluent in her native language, French.

Bonne chance.

Bob and Helen Davis

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