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What Are Ebooks?

Books in electronic form can be delivered to any computer that is connected to the internet from anywhere in the world

Ebooks or electronic books, or digital books, are simply a digital text file or group of files that when put together can be read on computers.  They may include sound, photographs, illustrations and video. eBooks can also contain "hot links" that allow the reader immediate access to web sites referred in the text.

With Ebooks:
~ you can turn the pages as in a regular book, change the magnification of the page that you are viewing, and return easily to previously viewed pages
~ you get instant access to content
~ you can keep a library of your favorite ebooks at your fingertips
~ you can search for words or phrases and get access to the pages instantly
~ the environment is protected because no trees are destroyed

Examples of an eBook:
~ An eBook can be a 400-page novel, complete with illustrations or photographs.
~ An eBook could also be a training manual. 
~ An eBook can be a 10 page specialized report that focuses on solving a specific problem.
~ eBooks can be short stories
The best way to learn about eBooks is to actually experience the pure pleasure of reading them.  

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