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About the Free Detox Diet


Detox Diet

Detox diet plans can help you lose weight, and rejuvenate your body.  In a world filled with toxins detox diets are becoming ever more important.  A detox diet can cleans years of toxin build up in the cells resulting in clarity of mind, health, energy and a new beginning for people who are sick. I have no doubt in my mind that long fasts have the best results in chronic ailments. But not many people have the time or inclination nor the necessary grit and commitment to undertake such a fast. For those who want to detoxify themselves the following practical suggestions will go a long way in helping them to detoxify.

Most people are quite capable of doing a three day water fast. Be sure to obtain purified water only. During these three days, slow down your daily activities – specially physical activities. Some may even find it is better to take to bed and keep warm if the weather is cold. 

Note: from Healthrecipes.com: We don’t recommend doing a three-day water fast. It’s best to drink plenty of freshly-made fruit and vegetables juices for three days as part of your detox diet plan.

The Detox Diet Plan

After these three days – for one week put yourself on a monotrophic diet , i.e. eat only one type of fruit at each meal. For example:

Detox Diet - Breakfast

Breakfast could be melon only. Eat as much as you like and feel satisfied that you have had enough. All types of melons are good. Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Gala or Watermelon.

Detox Diet – Lunchtime

Eat only oranges and grapefruit or pineapples or plums whatever you fancy but don’t mix the fruits. Eat till hunger is satisfied.

4 p.m. Have a large (12 oz.) glass of freshly pressed carrot juice.

Detox Diet - Evening

Eat only apples, pears, grapes or bananas. Eat only one fruit at a time and eat till hunger is satisfied. During the week you can vary daily the fruits you want to eat on that particular day.

You can resume your household duties or light office work but do not exert yourself physically. Conserve energy. It is possible that some of you may feel some reactions, like light headedness, nausea at times, a little listlessness and feeling of tiredness and mental irritability.

Persevere – Rome wasn’t built in a day. After all it took you years to get into the toxic state that you now find yourself into. The symptoms will go away eventually. Lots of sleep and rest are essential at this stage so do not plan any social events.

The Detox Diet Plan continued …

After these detox days – I suggest you go for one month on an all raw food diet as follows:  (this is the opionion of the article writer and not necessarily the opinion of Healthrecipes.com)

Detox Diet – Breakfast

Fresh fruit only of oranges, kiwi’s, pineapple, apple, plums, grapefruit or any other acid fruits. You can now mix the fruits. Eat enough to satisfy your hunger. Just one orange and one apple will not be enough. You have to get your calories from the fruit you eat.

Detox Diet – Lunch

Eat heartily of grapes, pears, bananas, mangoes, fresh dates, and with this meal eat a head of lettuce, 1-2 sticks of celery and a handful of dried raisins or sultanas, or 3-4 dried figs or 10-12 dried Hunza apricots.

4 p.m. A large 12 oz glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice.

Detox Diet – Evening

A large Rainbow salad of grated red cabbage, grated carrots, grated beetroot, chopped up celery, watercress, cucumber, and red or green peppers. A dressing could be made as follows: Put 2-3 tomatoes in the blender, 1 whole peeled large size avocado and a pinch of marigold bouillon powder and 1 tea spoonful cold pressed linseed oil or olive oil. 

Blend the lot and pour it on your rainbow salad and mix thoroughly. Enjoy it with some lettuce leaves. To this salad you add 3 ozs of nuts and seeds. Not salted nuts and not peanuts. Brazil, Cashew, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds. Whatever you fancy. Chew well or grind the nuts dry and sprinkle on the Rainbow salad or put ground nuts in a blender, add just a little water and make it into nut cream.

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On such a regime — if you have not cheated in between — at the end of that month you will feel cleaner, fitter, a little slimmer and more energetic with the added bonus of some of your symptoms disappearing. No cooked food should be eaten. Full activity can be resumed on this raw diet. This regime has worked on thousands of cases.

The choice is yours. Remember no one can cure you. Your own body, given the opportunity will rebuild itself.
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Comments from Chet Day about
The Detox Bible Program …

In my 118-page special report The Detox Bible: How to Rejuvenate Your Body on Nature’s Operating Table you’ll find detailed “how to” information that people have used for centuries to detox, energize, and rejuvenate their bodies.


There are alternatives to detox diets if that lifestyle change isn’t one you can readily commit to. There are a number of cleansing and detox supplements available online. If you go this route, be sure to choose all-natural products utilizing the healing and detoxifying powers of herbs and fiber.

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