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Can you be successful on a low carb diet like the Atkins Diet?
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four


You can become thin simply sitting down doing nothing all day and night!"  I know that sounds ridiculous but it's so very true! If I were you and I were reading this for the first time, I would think this sounds too good to be true. But let me assure you that there are thousands of people losing weight just like this. The only faster way to lose weight is liposuction. There's just no other way to get the results you'll get on a low carb diet. What do you think all the movie stars do? It's no secret!

The low carb diet concept has been around for longer than you and I have been alive. It still took me 29 years to run into two people who tried it. Two acquaintances decided to start at the same time - I couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't seen either of them in about 2 to 3 months and the change was - I can't even think of the words to describe myself.

I immediately labeled them as drug users! It was either crack, cocaine or steroids. When they assured me there were no drugs involved, I thought it had to be liposuction.. But no! They told me about the low carb diet they'd be on. After they convinced me they were being honest, I decided to try it myself.

Side note: These two people didn't even do it right. They made mistakes that I've fixed in my book. They went about things in a way that actually made things more difficult. Granted, they lost a whole lot of weight very quickly, they could have lost more - even faster. Plus, they gave up a few of their favorite snacks they didn't need to.

If you're wondering whether or not you can succeed on a low carb diet - if you have any question at all on whether you can do it - read the book! I will show you how I used to be and it'll amaze you that I could ever stick to any routine. I ate amounts of food that most people could not even comprehend. I often ate more than three men combined in a single day. I wont get into exactly what my routine was (I will in the book), but let me tell you - you'll be shocked. And once you see that I did it, you'll know that you can do it!

Anybody can be successful on a low carb diet. The greatest thing of all is you're not required to exercise.. Many people switch to a low carbohydrate diet simply for the fact that they don't have enough time to exercise. You can become thin simply sitting down doing nothing all day and night. I know this may be hard to believe - I had trouble understanding how this could work as well - but it does work! Have confidence! You're about to make a positive change in your life.

Part One: What is a low carb diet?

Part Two:
How does a low carbohydrate diet burn fat?

Part Three:
But is the low carb diet a healthy way of life?

Part Four: Can you be successful on a low carb diet?


This article was written by Sal Colascione III, the author of "The One Carb Diet That Really Works" available for immediate download into your computer.  For more information about the program, click here.


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Why do people experience incredible weight loss on a juice fast?

Before that question can be answered, we have to understand what ‘juice fasting’ is about.

Juice fasting is about abstaining from solid food, for a period of time, while supplying your body with the most nutritious drinks on this planet. By providing essential vitamins and minerals, the juice can actually jump-start the body’s fat-burning mechanisms. One glass of freshly-made fruit or vegetable juice provides you with the equivalent vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll you would get by eating several pounds of raw fruits and vegetables.

Most of us have heard how thousands are losing up to 10 pounds in 2 days on the best-selling Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet in which you simply juice fast on bottled (dead) juice for 2 days. Well, juice fasting is a healthier version of the Hollywood Diet because you can fast longer than 2 days while supplying your body with live enzymes and nutrient-rich fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Dr. Shelton, a great advocate of fasting, wrote "The weight lost by overweight patients in the early days of a fast is astounding. I have seen losses of five and six pounds a day for the first few days. A woman who fasted in the Health School in January and February of 1950 lost twenty-five pounds in the first two weeks.

Read the rest of the article here!


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